Alvedoor Marine

Alvedoor Marine (Germany) manufacture accommodation systems (A–class and B–class doors, ceilings, bulkhead panels, services hatches etc…) wet units, prefabricated cabins and furniture.

The main factory is located in Kunshan, just outside Shanghai in China. The production started in 2008 as a manufacturer of the door range of Alvedoor AB but do now offer components for complete fire rated interiors as well including wall panels, ceilings and wet units.

The furniture, part of the bulkhead panels and part of the wet units are produced in the factories of Rostock and Wismar in Germany.

During the year 2012, R&M Ship Technologies GmbH bought all the activities of Alvedoor group. Today Alvedoor Marine is a business unit of R&M Ship Technologies GmbH.

A–class and B–class doors, ceilings, bulkhead panels :

Wet units and furniture :