Libra Plast AS

Libra-Plast AS (Norway) is a preferred manufacturer of bulkhead doors and hatches in the maritime industry. The company is located in Hareid in the Sunnmøre area of western Norway along with a number of leading shipbuilders and ship equipment manufacturers, making this a centre of the Norwegian maritime industry.

Libra-Plast AS specialized its production and presents today the following main products :

  • Watertight, Weathertight and Spraytight Doors and Hatches in GRP (Glassfiber Reinforced Polyester), Aluminium and Steel
  • A-0 and A-60 Weathertight and Watertight Doors and Hatches
  • GRP Cabinets and Containers for safety equipment

Weathertight doors and hatches in GRP

Steel door with and without central closing device

Spraytight GRP doors and HSC doors

Spraytight GRP doors

HSC doors front and back

HSC doors front and back

Equipement containers

Instrument consoles