Scanjet Marine AB

Scanjet Marine AB, established in 1965, is world leading developer and manufacturer of tank cleaning machines. More than 65,000 cleaning machines have been delivered to all types of tankers, bulk carriers, platform supply vessels and special ships. Also special applications for cruise vessels and ferries are available.

Scanjet tank cleaning products for marine applications

Model SC 40RT

Model SC 90T2

Wash Trac – Tank Cleaning monitoring system

Scanjet Macron Co.Ltd supplies shipyards with products and systems for tank level and draft gauging, water ingress detection, tank high level and overfill alarms, vapour emission control, level switches and various engine room alarm sensors and equipment. The product portfolio is rapidly growing.

Tank level gauging and draft measuring systems

New fully digital Scanjet Macron SML 1000 D tank level gauging and draft measuring system.